Breeze flotation wheelchair seat cushion  wheelchair seat cushion


Old style


Breeze™ re-define the value of the air . Air is not only air.  

 Helping your life more convenient ~ it is the goal of  SINGA .

 You need your partner Breeze™  when your skin suffered external pressure is not a timely response. When your skin must fight against with the outside pressure for a long time.

 The patented Cyclone cell design that will reduce the skin pressure effectively. and increase the cushion ventilatory efficiency in order to reduce the rise in temperature and moisture discharge. Cyclone cell design can  effectively rule out the hot air and moisture

  Breeze™  ensures the balance and to protect the patient from the risk of forming pressure sores and tissue deformation. Breeze™  can  perfect body weight distribution, exploiting to the utmost pressure relief in every possible position to support surface. In addition, Breeze™  adapts itself to the individual shapes of the patient and allows the full immersion of the sacrum and ischial.

 Breeze™  can combined with e-manometer ™ which have an internal pressure regulation, This system will offer a correct pressure display on all support surface to prevent  the bedsores effectively.


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